About Us

We put the people at the heart of what we do.

Mission first. People always…


Our purpose

IT’S ELECTRIC is a French independent association under the law of 1901.

With the rise of electric vehicles, we believe that electric mobility is all about people, diversity and experiences sharing. We also do care and are active in ensuring that Personal Electrical Vehicles are a part of the solution to solve cities’ pollution problems. It’s Electric puts the people at the core of what we do by setting up events related to electric skateboarding. Its Electric is all about spreading the good vibes and the benefits of our electric vehicles !


Our Story

The association has been created by two passionated riders and builders:


  • Cédric RIBERT who is known in the electric skateboarding area for some years and also founder of the very well known E-SK8.FR forum with several TV appearances to evangelize about Electric Skateboarding. He also release a lot of riding videos available on his youtube or instagram channel @ridewithokp. He believes that electric skateboarding is all about diversity and enjoy to ride any board that he has the opportunity to get under his feet.


  • Christophe CHARVOLIN is a electric skateboard maker & rider addict with a hint of ecological soul. He is trully engaged against cities CO2 emissions. As the government is now standing to regulate e-mobility, he is fighting for Individual Electricals vehicules to be legalized on our ways. He is also working onto a electric skateboard project since 2016 to solve e-skates maintenances issues.




Our Mission

We organize and setup electric skateboarding events and group rides by putting the riders at the core of our mission.

With electric mobility devices quickly becoming mainstream and seen everywhere in our streets, people can often be observed riding them with very limited safety gear. We really believe that educating and sharing knowledge is the most important thing to do. 

Electric skateboarding is a journey, not a destination.


We have partnered and collaborating with respected electric skateboarding communities. For the Paris Electric Skateboard Cup 2019, we are organizing it joining our forces and energy with Carve UK Electric Skateboarding. 

The three founders of Carve UK : Ricardo CALDEIRA, Lee WRIGHT and Billy GAISH are part of this journey and we are all working super hard to make this joint event an unforgivable adventure.

ESK8FR community is also represented from an individual standpoint with its founder Cédric who is also the co-founder of IT’S ELECTRIC, but more importantly by all the ESK8FR riders that will participate to the event and volunteer to help us in making it possible.



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