Will you dare ?


PARIS – Electric Skateboarding Cup 2019










Welcome Riders !



Get your electric board ready to race from July 11th 2019 to 14th July 2019 and participate in this awesome tailor made event, organized by riders for riders.

It’s going to be two full days packed with various competitions: On the 12th and 13th, riders from all over the world will be in Paris to share their experiences and love for e-skating. Your boards will be put to the test on the amazing tracks we are preparing, and you will also have the opportunity to check and test all the new products from our event sponsors!

We encourage you to make new friends and exchange your knowledge and skills over a drink of the local beer. It’s up to us to organize the event, but it’s up to you to make it a blast!


More than a competition, a worldwide family of riders !


This cup is all about riders :

Meet your peers, colleagues, ask for advice, show you are ready to ride e-skate or your very special custom electric skateboards, learn to customize your board and meet some of the most knowledgeable builders of our planet.

Whatever your skills, we are family of riders.

Race on tracks made for

all electrics boards


The routes are designed and suited for all types of riders and all kind of electric skateboards : street and all-terrain. Whatever the performance of your board, be ready, it’s all about the riding experience!


Whatever your style


Casual riders and competitors alike, all are welcome to ride with us and be part of this awesome event featuring group rides, races and relaxed moments for you to enjoy all throughout the four days!

Thanks to our sponsors, we have delightful prizes !

They talk about the event check this out…

Call for volunteers !

You want to be part of this event organization ? That’s cool because we will need a maximum of arms to prepare & secure the tracks and modules.

So whoever you are or what you do in your daily life ! Join the electric skateboarding cup team and get “french croissants” for free ! 


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