Hi guys, the Ticket Office is now close, get ready

& rendez vous at Auvers sur oise !!! 😉

Electric Skateboarders, Wheelers, One Wheelers, Electric Scooters, …  Whatever your vehicle, choose the right pack for you and get ready to race. Buy your ticket, make your own adventure and be in with a chance to win one of our top-notch prizes from our sponsors.

Make sure that you grab the pre-made pack that better suits you and get a great discount for drinks or our t-shirts. Have a look at our Planning page and check when you will be putting your board to the test.

Soft Drinks & Beers will be available at the venue. Please be aware that you alone are responsible for your alcohol consumption and behavior during the event. Drink sensibly and enjoy your time with us!




All your donations will finance the event directly, we’re not here to make a profit. The more funds we get, the better the event will be. Thumbs up for all if you helping us make the best European event ever!